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Applinked For Android


Applinked Not Working? Applinked is a place where a bulk APK download facility is available for Android devices. Which supports multiple downloads at the same time you can do. In Applinked we can host our own APK files and share it with our friends and family without them typing the URL.

We can say Applinked is an alternative to Filelinked application. It’s worked in a similar way when you are going to create your store. So you will get Applinked code with the pin.


Applinked is absolutely Free And Super Fast speed Share Files With Others

Applinked as I mentioned above is absolutely free of charge. Means you even don’t need to pay a single penny. And you can get super-fast speedy your files read to share. So you can upload and share your files without sharing URLs with others. We can say this is the way where you can just in one click do everything with lighting speed.

Applinked is based on the APK store facility means you can even upload your own Applications APK files and share with others without any other permission and free of charge. So all who want their own file Store you just need to install this application and share your APK files in a few seconds.

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Why Applinked is Not Working Fix It

If you are facing applinked working problem I gonna show you how you can fix it in a few steps. If applinked is not opening after click then you should restart your device once and see is it working after restart?

If after restarting the device app linked still not opening or stuck you need to go to your “Settings” then search Applinked application in the list of your applications. When you have found it you need to click on remove “cache and data” after this starts you applinked hope fully it will start working. This is the same solution if Applinked keeps crashing.

After both of above things you still not have started your applinked application then you must check out which android version you are using. Because it will be possible if you are using an older version of Android and your applinked version is latest maybe not supporting each other.

Try to install the latest version of Applinked if you are using the old version maybe the developer of Applinked fixed the bugs or problems after the latest update and Applinked started working with the latest updates.

Applinked Codes not Working?

Applinked Codes not working is another similar issue. But I think it is the same as the above problems which I have already discussed. So you can also check if the internet connection is working? or maybe you have a cheap internet connection that can not full fill the requirements of this application.

Another major reason can be possible if the codes which you are using are taken down because of illegal production.


Unlinked Codes 2022 Best Alternative For Applinked

Unlinked is an alternative new app that is a perfect replacement for FileLinked. It is working the same as the now offline app. You can sideload all kinds of apps codes. Unlinked is allowing us to create code libraries of applications. Who comes with features which help us to manage the contents of our library. Like we can say sorting, modifying, and deleting the contents. We can also share our best Unlinked codes with other device users to let them access your apps or libraries.

Unlinked is protected with end-to-end 256-bit AES encryption. This is military-grade encryption which we can it’s not so easy to hack so far. Hope this will work for you same as the Applinked application. As we have discussed a lot above. But you can also choose this alternative app for the same work.

Unlinked Codes 2022

Here we can get the latest 2022 codes which will work for unlinked.

  1. 12341234
  2. 44444444
  3. 67664537
  4. EB2E4A4C
  5. 710AB04D
  6. Superapps
  7. 33627466
  8. 90D311FE
  9. D9BCD4D8
  10. 7CD6A4F1