Best App Idea For Student

Best App Idea For StudentBest App Idea for student? Now one of the things that I stand by and one of my biggest beliefs is that your app idea is one of the most important decisions. You will make going forward so before you jump into actually coding and making your app. Let’s talk a little bit about how to come up with app ideas. Now I know this can be a little bit hard at first which is why you are here to reading this post. So what I wanted to do was actually share with you a few minutes from my lecture called idea mastery which comes out of my my full flagship idea to app accelerator so let’s jump into.

That now how do we find ideas ideas for apps well the best app you can make and I say that you listening to me the best app that you can make. Will come from an idea that is original to you. So sure I might have an app idea and I’ll probably mention a few app ideas. That I will never create in this in in these videos I’ll probably and I come up with app ideas during my tutorials too. These might be great and they might lead you in a good direction. But the best app idea for you to make is going to come from that idea that sparks from within you so as you’re thinking about ideas.

Unique App Creation


I want you to think about things that are unique to you. And we’ll touch on that as we go along but I want to give you an example of an app. That was made that was unique to its creator it’s a app named veggie alternatives. This app was made in thumb Keable so this is one of the apps has been pretty successful made from tunkel. So it’s pretty pretty popular and in our space and this app solves a unique problem. And it solves the creators problem so here usual snapshot from the Google Play Store. So basically the app creator wanted a way to find alternatives to0?

I guess common recipes where he or she was a vegetarian or a vegan and they wanted to find these these alternatives, to say you know butter or meat or things like that they want they wanted a way to find. This a finding plant-based substitutions and so you know I I mean. I’ve done this before looking for okay what’s the substitute for baking soda when I’m making a cake or whatever. But you have to go online and look for it and they couldn’t really find an app. That was that was really good that provided these alternatives and they thought, they could do it better and indeed they did this this app has been featured on Newt on the news and things like that.

Good Idea For Creating App

So it’s definitely done really well and I believe it’s done really well. Because one of the reasons is it was created by someone who’s passionate about it and wanted to use it. So they had that perspective of knowing how they want to use it and then they made it. As you’re going forward thinking about your ideas start thinking about stuff that’s unique to you. Because your best app idea is going to come from something from your unique experience, So moving right along I want you to note that app ideas are all around. You so you might be sitting you’re thinking well Darren I don’t know what’s what’s unique to me. I can’t really think of an app idea right now.

Well these app ideas are all around you know an app basically exists to solve a problem. So all the apps on your phone solve a problem whether it’s you know the simple text messaging app that provides a means of communication. You know whats app group me these are communication tools so that you don’t have to you know call someone on the phone. Or you don’t have to if it’s a group message I mean that’s that’s a it’s a wonderful tool. So you can communicate with multi people at a time rather than having to message them one-on-one you know think about a an app like say Google Maps. I mean that is tremendous tool that solves a very unique problem of getting you from one place to another a Maps app.

 Application Problem And Solutions

So these are these are problems that these apps solve and a lot of times these problem solving apps come from frustrations so whether you’re you’re frustrated or I’ll share mine so we’ll talk about in this course my app tip trainer said I made it’s my first app I was frustrated with having to every time I was at a restaurant and wanted to give a tip I was frustrated with having to pull my phone out and you know calculating a certain percentage so that I could give the waiter or the waitress a tip I wanted a way to practice doing those beforehand so I don’t have to pull at my phone so that was a frustration.

And so now I have an app that solves a problem it helps people learn how to calculate the hips and their heads. And all of this comes from your unique experience your unique perspective leads all these things in combination they lead to great app ideas. So I want to ask you know what are your pain points what is your frustration where are your problems. In your life these are things that you want to kind of think about and then ask you know how can an app make this better how can an app help me do this. If you need some inspiration you know walk around your home or your school or office the the places that you spend the most time is often

Best Ideas For Apps

Where you’re gonna have the most frustrations because that’s all so life works. So walk around or even you know ask a spouse or a friend because even though you’re gonna be the one creating the app. the truth is everybody who uses phones and technology these days. I mean everybody having app ideas all the time that’s the truth as we move forward I want you to start thinking about app ideas. You know whether it’s some way to you know track recipes if you like to cook something to help you with cooking. Or if you’re a gamer I mean how could an app help you and others communicate in your game. Or how could an app help you track something in your game or in your business.

How could it make it easier for you to record certain information? I mean there’s infinite possibilities and that’s why it has to be unique to you because I mean I could not at all kind of guess. Or talk or give examples of every possible app idea because there’s so many there’s so many out there. So it’s gonna be unique to you now coming up with app ideas is really only the first step there’s really a few things you also need to consider, about your ideas before moving forward. One of my favorite questions to ask my students is how is this app idea unique or different from all the other app ideas. And apps that are actually already out there how are you going to distinguish yourself from all the competition.

A Bit More Over You Need To Know

When you sign up for the guide this will also sign you up to receive updates on my new course called idea to app accelerator. Which basically takes that guy turns it into a full fledged course and adds a lot of extra features that I know. That you will love so when it comes to coming up with app ideas ask yourself. What are your pain points what are your frustrations and how can you then make an app. To help you alleviate those frustrations this is the first step to coming up with a great app idea