Free Tinder | How to get Tinder Gold for FREE | iOS & Android

Free Tinder How to get Tinder Gold for FREE iOS & Android in

hello every one Today we gonna understand how to get free tinder app. How we can get all gender gold features for absolutely free. it’s gonna take like five minutes and it works on both iOS and Android devices. you don’t need to route or jailbreak advice.

So you can learn how to get free tinder let me show you the method. That my tinder up real quick.

How to get Tinder Gold for FREE


You can see that I do not have tinder go to unlock it right now. I cannot see who like at me and I cannot use any of the tinder Gold features. let’s change this so how are gonna do it first. Make sure that you have your Bluetooth activated otherwise it will not work properly.

Free Tinder How to get Tinder Gold for FREE iphone & Android in

let’s go to this website it’s called app inject dot IO unless you are them on the website. Scroll down until you find the tinder first-place icon this is a modded version of the regular tinder application. What it does is it unlocks all the jingle good features for you. We are going to update our regular ginger application with this tinder plus. Place application through a method called up injection.

Free Tinder How to get Tinder Gold Free For iOS & Android in

Let’s just do it hit start injection and wait for it to download. How this works the way this works is the files for the cheapest place are injected through these apps. We need to download them and run each of them. For at least 30 seconds for the files to be unpackaged in your phone.

Free Tender iOS & Android


Let’s view it we have to search for this and find it up on the app store yeah here it is just installments. Now we going to open the app and interact with it for 30 seconds while the files are unpack it. Now we go back and do this again for the other app depending on your country. Your Wi-Fi speed you may get different apps or you may get just one app it depends.

So Folks We have done under the ABS and interacted with them for 30 seconds for the part for the files to unpack. Now we are gonna restart our device so also have restarted advice. You will see they updated up the updated version of the tinder app and let’s open and you can already see the golden symbol right there.

Now we have all the tinder gold features we can see who liked us we can change my location I have unlimited likes. Now we can enjoy all the features of the chinder gold application for free. That’s it for this tutorial friends for free tinder I hope you liked it.