How To Clone a Firestick? Copy all files inicluding APK to another firestick

How To Clone a Firestick(copy all files inicluding APK to another firestick) How To Clone a Firestick? yes you can transfer all files from one Firestick to another firestick. Its not too difficult to do. I am going to show you all process step by step. You just need to follow all steps which I am going to show you.

So you want to clone your fire stick maybe you bought a bunch of fire sticks for your family. And you want to make sure that all of them have the exact same applications or maybe you’re a fast excellent. You want to make sure all of your customers get the same fire stick with the same applications installed. There’s so many reasons why you may want to clone a fire stick or just ensure. That each fire stick has the same applications installed on there.

Now i did do some research online to see if there was a solution for this and the best solution I found um honestly wasn’t that great and that solution was essentially just use downloader. Then all of the applications you have downloaded.  Somehow just export them over to your computer and then export them back on to your other fire stick.

Problem and solutions During Process


Now the big problem with his solution is the fact that lots of you myself included tend to delete these files as soon as. We finished installing the application because there’s no need for us to keep them. We also get to reclaim that space. So his solution relied on the files all being available in here. But as we can see that’s just not going to work on top of that lots of use other applications. like file linked and other repositories so having a solution that relies 100 on downloader.

It’s just not going to work so what we need is a single application. That shows us all of the applications installed on our firestick. It doesn’t care where the applications were installed from whether that was file linked or downloaded or anywhere else. It allows us to backup those applications over to our PC. And we can then push those applications out to any firestick that we like.  So to get this application make sure you have the apps from unknown sources option enabled.

Once you’ve done that let’s press the home key let’s now open up downloader. Now inside download I’m going to make a connection to my website and the address for that is just bit dialy. Forward slash td uk that’s me and the numbers 2019. Let’s type that in and click on go or just press the play button on your remote. That’ll take you straight to my website and once you get there. We now need to go to the tutorial section. So let’s click on the hamburger menu click on tutorial.

Guide Tutorial Cloning Firestick Device

The latest tutorial in the list will be how you can clone or back up your applications from one firestick. And then push them onto other fire sticks. Let’s open that up and here it is so the application we’re going to use to complete. This procedure is called me explorer so let’s scroll down here. We have the some information about the application and then we have the step-by-step guide. If you keep going down we should see a link to the software.

Let’s click on that and let’s scroll down to the green download button there islet’s click on that. And that will then download the application directly onto your device. We can now click on install give that a second and that’s now all done. So let’s open that up so when you start this application for the first time this is where you’ll see. We have the bookmarks on the left and then when you click on something. You’ll see the content of that bookmark on the right hand side.

So here for example is my internal storage and we can recognize some of these folders like downloader. And some of the other folders and if you go further down on our bookmarks. We can see here we have one called app now. When I click on that this now shows me all of the applications installed on my device. As I mentioned before it doesn’t care where they’re installed from. Whether it was from my website or from somebody else’s file linked.

Firestick Files Transfer to another Firestick

Even from the amazon app store anything that’s installed on my firestick. We can now see it here so here we can see i’ve got my ip vanish. We have my prime video we have this tv application we have task killer. So forth now what you want to do here is decide which applications you want to back up. Then push them out to your other firesticks that you want to configure with the same application. So in my example i’m going to say let’s go to the top. Let’s say for example I want to back up me explorer because that’s the application i’m using.

I’m going to press and hold the select button on that that’s now selected. We can see we get a one on the top left just to show you that one application is selected. An application is 3.4 meg in size now i’d like to back up this fitzy TV. Let’s click on that as well we now have two applications equating to 17 meg in size. I want to back up uh this thing over here my erie TV. Let’s keep going down uh far linked and let’s take the bloat tool that’s seven. In this test i’m going to back up just 10 applications just so you can see what the process is like and let’s get the live channels.

That’s eight let’s get adm that’s nine and lastly let’s get wolf launcher and for the guys that do regularly follow me just. So you know that the latest amazon update which is has broken the custom launchers. And i’ve tried like four or five things to get this working. But amazon have really really locked this out so on one of my fire sticks which is actually this one is still running With that one i can still use a custom launcher but as soon as you go to the next version which is

Firstick Device Files Backup Process

Okay so we’ve got 10 applications selected now so once you’ve selected all of the applications. You want to back up we now need to copy and paste these applications onto another folder on our fire stick. The reason for that is once we pasted it there. We can connect to that folder from our PC and then just pull down those applications. Okay so we’ve got this 10 application selected let’s go to the top and then select this icon up here which is copy. So let me do that now they’ve now been copied now if i go into the left let’s go back to internal storage.

I’m now going to go to my downloader folder you can’t really choose whichever folder you like. But just for simplicity let’s use this folder because this is typically where your applications are normally downloaded. Anyway okay so now at the top here we can see we have the paste icon. I’m going to click on that once it says there’s 10 files waiting to copy. Know click on that and that should then extract all of those applications and then paste those into that folder.

There and because he’s done exactly that so these all the applications i need to back up. We can see them in here so we need to do now is is share out this folder. Now the easiest way to do that is just press the context key and we can then see this menu and the option we’re looking for is called servers. So let’s go down to that and let’s click on that and we see we have three choices of servers. That we can start on our fire stick to share out that data.

FTP Server Option For Cloning

Now i recommend going for the ftp server option so if you go into that and press select. We now get the message that the ftp server is now started. We see the exact dress that we need to type in onto our PC to connect into our firestick. And access our data and we can see in my example. It’s my ip address of and then on port 2121 so let’s now jump over to my PC. Type that address in now okay so here we are on my PC and the first thing i recommend you doing is creating a folder.

For all of your application backups so let’s just call this firestick apps. Let’s open that up let’s just leave that to one side and now let’s open up explorer again. On a separate window let’s now type in that address into file explorer. so that was just ftp colon forward slash forward slash then my p address of my fire stick. So and then a colon and then port 2121. Let’s press enter and just like that guys we now have direct access to all of the files on our fire stick. And

We can see the different folders here let’s now open up the downloader folder now. The great thing about doing it this way is we actually have read and write access to these folders. So let’s say for example i want to delete this file over here and click on that. Click on delete or press delete and that’s now actually been removed from my fire stick. So that’s also another way we can use to manipulate the files on our fire stick. Okay so what we’re going to do now is choose this application.

Backup Files Including APK To Another Firestick

So let’s say i want to backup this one this one uh this one this one and pretty much all the stuff here. Once you’ve clicked on all of the applications you want to back up. I can now just drag them to my folder and just like that we’ve now backed up all of those applications directly from our firestick onto our PC. So once you backed up all of those applications you want to save we can now plug in our next firestick. Whichever firestick we want to send these applications to. Then repeat the process so let’s go back over to my firestick. Let’s say I’ve now plugged in a brand new firestick.

How To Clone a Firestick(copy all files inicluding APK to another firestick) 2021

Which doesn’t have any applications installed I just installed one application which is me explorer once I install that. Now press the context key I once again go to servers I start the ftp server again. That’s now started we get the ip address let’s now jump over to my PC. We then type in the address of the other firestick. I mean in my example I’m using the same one. But I hope you guys are still with me so we type the address in press enter. We now see the contents of that firestick we then once again go to the downloader folder.

Ending Process For Cloning Firestick Second Device

We see that the folder is empty because no applications have been downloaded. Then go over to my backup folder and just like that i can highlight all of these applications. drag them across and all of those applications are now being pushed onto that newfire stick. So just like that guys we can very easily use the same applications on whichever firestick that we like. Okay they’re now copied let’s go back up to my firestick I can now stop the ftp server press back.

Now for example any application i want to install i can just click on that select the option to install click on install. And that’s now all done a process on how we can backup applications from one firestick and then put them onto another firestick. So I do hope you like this one do let me know and i’ll hopefully catch up with you guys real soon thanks.