How To Jailbreak Now TV Stick With Best 2021 Latest Free Method

How To Jailbreak(Unlock) Now TV Stick With Best 2021 Latest Method

How To Jailbreak Now TV Stick With Best 2021 Latest Free MethodHow To Jailbreak(Unlock) Now TV Stick is just a simple thing which you can do with few steps. But I must recommend you to follow each and every step by my guide lines. Please read this with your full consideration.

Now TV is most famous and much wanted TV channel which people love to watch free. So don’t you worry you can also watch it without paying any thing. So today you are going to learn how to Jailbreak first tv stick then now tv installation.


How Can You Jailbreak Now TV Stick(Box)

First off all I let you know Jailbreak TV Stick is legal you don’t need to worry about any bad happen for your device. Its will not burn your device or get any problem. But yes you will get a lot benefits after it. So lets start process.

  1. Slide over into the Settings tab come over here highlight where it says my Now TV Box.
  2. Open it up go to developer options open that and all you have to do is click on both of these items turning them on click turn on.
  3. guys right there your device is officially jailbroken and I wasn’t timing but I’m pretty sure that was about a few seconds.

What to do AFter jailbroken(Unlock) Now TV Stick?

After jailbreak you can install your desired TV channels on your Now TV Stick one by one. So its mean you can download and install type of your favorite tv channels like Movies or TV show also Like other popular or local TV channels too. Because now your TV Stick device is no more under control of some one to work on there choice.

How To Jailbreak Now TV Stick Best 2021 Latest Free Method

Now TV Stick is ready to play other TV Drams and live shows on your choice. So you can install what ever you want on your Now TV Stick device. Now you need search on google your channel application. Download the application of your desired TV channel. Start and install on your TV Stick device and get start enjoying your live programs. It also easy if you don’t want any application the part of your device you just uninstall it.

That’s it so it is very simple to get ride over this device in just few seconds. If you get any problem please write down in comments section and I will reply about your problems and I gonna show you where you are doing mistakes.

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