Can You Fix Phone & Tablet Broken Screen Methods 2022 – I Break U Fix

Can You Fix Phone & Tablet Broken Screen Methods 2021 - I Break U FixSave your time these are the top three methods I Break U Fix. That I’ve found and let’s see if any of these methods will actually fix your cracked screen. So let’s begin with the toothpaste method and I’ll be telling you before and after pictures at the end of the post.

First I have been tested out the toothpaste. Which is one of the most popular methods after that I have tested nail polish and finally I have the Gorilla Tape for this method. All you need is obviously toothpaste. Something from the screen to do this all you need to do.

I will guide you in this post on how these all methods which are available on Google Search and YouTube are really working or just a waste of time. After reading this you will be better understand what should you try for it. All important things I have covered in this Post. I hope you will get a better way for your screen cracks.


Toothpaste Test For Broken Screen – I Break U Fix.


Can You Fix Phone & Tablet Broken Screen Methods - I Break U FixJust applied some toothpaste on the cracks to make sure it’s the proper cracks. Now rub it nice and smooth they say leave it for a bit so that’s what we’re gonna do right now. Now it’s been some time so let’s wipe it off to see the results. so are the results sadly this method didn’t remove the cracks.  So all the dude just removed some of the small scratches now let’s move on to the next method for this method.


Nail Polish Test For Broken Screen 2021 Method

All you need is nail polish and a razor blade. I just applied some of the nail polish on the cracks pretty much filling in the cracks. I did let the nail polish dry for a few minutes. This was the first coat and now that it’s dried then I used a razor blade to remove this excess. Polish applied another coat and let it dry shave the second coat. And results for that so probably this method kind of worked. It didn’t make the cracks of the Saffir but the nail polish filled in the cracks even got the surface. Now, will help prevent you from getting cuts.


Tape Method To Fix Cracks on Screen – I Break U Fix

Can You Fix Phone & Tablet Broken Screen 2021 - I Break U FixI got a final method using clear ruler tape you do not have to use tape. Because it is on the pricey side. But we can do is use similar clear tape by the way this method will not heal up your screen. But it will be a free screen protector if you have the tape at home to do this you obviously need tape and scissors. This method is just like applying a screen protector. So make sure you clean your phone well cut out a piece of tape at the length of your screen. Do not cover up your camera speaker and home button for obvious reasons.

Here are the results now you have a spree protector and your phone will function normally after all the testing. No method that you find online will actually make your cracks disappear. But they can’t help however to save your town with a method that actually works is by purchasing your screen replacement.