Learn – Why Does My Firestick Keep Turning Off? Best Tutorial

Why Does My Firestick Keep Turning Off? - How To Fix ItFirestick Keep Turning Off? Hello and welcome to this post about why does my firestick keep turning off? Firestick is an Amazon product. Basically people are using this device for wathing TV Channels all around the world. This device doesn’t require any antenna setup for watching channels. You don’t even need a Cable connection for watching satellite TV channels. This device is a wonderful product of amazon who just needs an Internet connection.

When you have installed Amazon Firestick and you also have a speedy internet connection you can enjoy TV channels, Music channels, Drama channels, Stage shows, Movies and much much more. You can also install all types of Android applications. Whatever you want to see on a bigger screen. Just connect the Firestick device to your usb which will be on your TV back side. And go to the world of Amazon Firestick and install all applications which you want to install in a firestick device.

How to Install Favorite Applications on Firestick


If you have a Jailbroken Firestick Device you can also install our source applications too. Like the applications which are not available on the Amazon Firestick store. You can download and install all those applications on your firestick device just like your mobile phone. As we know very well if any application is not available on PlayStore or AppStore you can download and install from any website.

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I hope if you are a live streaming lover then you don’t need to pay the tension any more. You will have a lot of applications in the firestick app store which you love to download and watch. If any application you don’t see in the list of firestick store you just need to download as i have mentioned above. The Firestick device is the most famous gadget in the U.S.A and people love to use it for streaming live channels.

If we have an electronic based device we must understand we have to face some problems too. But you don’t need to worry about problems that can be solved through some tips and tricks. So I just want to tell you to give full consideration to this post. And follow all the steps very carefully as I am mentioning here. I hope after your full consideration I am sure your 90% problem will be solved. And you will not gonna face this problem again in your future.

How to Fix The Firestick Keep Turning Off

So you have a firestick device in the uh back of your tv and you have an issue where it’s restarting. I’m going to give you several fixes to get you up and running okay by the end of this post. If you guys follow the steps i’m going to say at least 90 of you guys should be up and running ok. okay so first thing is now with this tv I had an issue where it was like restarting every like 10 minutes. I had another tv that was restarting every 20 minutes for this tv.

Here the issue was the actual cable okay and there’s the cable that came with the fire tv. I just used another um micro usb cable that I found in one of my dressers. And this one works perfectly on this TV So it doesn’t restart anymore. So first thing is go ahead and try the cable. Okay, that’s going to work probably for about at least 50 percent of you guys now the next thing. If you change the cable and you still have issues where it’s still like restarting like I had another TV.

Like a couple years ago it was restarting like once every like 15 or 20 minutes. And the issue with that was it was the uh usb plug here. Okay so what i want you guys to do is um if the cable didn’t work then go ahead and plug your usb. Basically gives power to your um firestick plug into a different usb port on your tv that if that still doesn’t work. Then what you want to do is plug this into a wall go ahead and use one of your phone adapters. Plug that usb into the air and plug this into a wall outlet and that was the issue with my older TV.

The um it stopped uh restarting after i plugged a usb part in the wall now another possible scenario too it can actually be your hdmi port. Okay, so what you want to do is hopefully you have an extra hdmi port go ahead. And pull that out and plug it into another hdmi port and see if that works. Okay anyway if you guys tried these like several steps 90 of you guys should be up and running. If it worked for you and let me know what step worked for you, okay good luck guys.

 Ending Words

This method is based on best of knowledge. And I have done it perfectly on my Amazon Firestick and after this method there is no more restart or turning of Firestick Device. The problem has been solved and the problem is fixed. Hope you will have the same results.