Latest News About What Does Daraz Going Change In 2022

Daraz is leading the online market place in the South Asia, Who Empowering tens of thousands of sellers to connect with millions of customers. Daraz provides immediate and easy access to 10 million products in the more than 100+ categories and delivers more then 2 million packages every month to all corners of its countries.

Daraz is a mall, A market place and a community for its customers. It is also a university for entrepreneurs, and every month it educates more than 5,000 new sellers on e-commerce operations. To over come the logistics challenge in it markets, Daraz has built its own logistics company specifically designed for e-commerce operations – Daraz Express (known as DEX) – to raise the standards for the industry. Daraz is also helping existing and new logistics providers digitize.

In 2018, Daraz was acquired by Ali Baba Group, And is proud to carry its part of the mission to ‘make it easy to do business anywhere in the era of digital economy’. As the part of Ali baba ecosystem, daraz is leveraging. Ali baba’s global leadership and experience in the technology, Online commerce, mobile payments and logistic to drive growth in its markets.

PM Imran Khan and Daraz Group CEO meet to discuss


Yesterday in Islamabad, Prime Minister Imran Khan along with the Minister of Finance, Shaukat Tarin, met with Daraz Group’s CEO, Bjarke Mikkelsen, and Daraz Pakistan Managing Director, Ehsan Saya, to discuss the vital role e-commerce can play to increase employment and accelerate economic growth for the country.

Digitalization is a key agenda of the Government and yesterday’s discussion focused on how the Government and e-commerce businesses can work together to help fuel the country’s economic growth and create millions of jobs.

Daraz helps SMEs grow their businesses by providing them with technology, training, and education to access to a large and engaged online customer base. As part of the discussion, Daraz shared their vision to grow the number of active and e-commerce educated SMEs on their platform to 300,000 within the next two years and create a total of one million jobs through its marketplace model, which will contribute to the premier’s agenda of creating 10 million jobs.

As Pakistan’s economy is heavily dependent on small businesses, both parties discussed how e-commerce can support small businesses in rural areas and provide them access to grow their business across the entire country.

Mobilink Microfinance Bank and Daraz partner in an industry

Pakistan’s largest digital bank, Mobilink Microfinance Bank Limited (MMBL) has partnered with Daraz, Pakistan’s leading online marketplace to facilitate MMBL borrowers specifically women entrepreneurs, by enabling them to become sellers on Daraz.

Through this collaboration, MMBL and Daraz will provide adequate opportunities to promote Small and Medium Size Enterprises (SMEs), more so now, as the e-commerce platform has grown by more than 100% in terms of users and buyers in recent times. Both the organizations are firmly committed to promoting women’s financial inclusion through the provision of enabling digital financial ecosystem that contributes directly towards empowering this underserved, yet influential segment, which comprises almost half of the country’s population.

MMBL’s flagship program, Women Inspirational Network (WIN) and Daraz’s Ibtida would together provide an incredible boost to our joint mission of upskilling women entrepreneurs and provide them easy access to digitally equipped growth opportunities.

Sharing his enthusiasm, Ehsan Saya, Managing Director at Daraz Pakistan, said, “We strongly believe women are not only the cornerstone of our society but instrumental in securing a better future for Pakistan. One of the most amazing things about our platform is how easily female entrepreneurs can sell their products all over Pakistan – empowering them is the epitome of uplifting communities”

Daraz Pakistan Records a Strong 11.11 with sales worth 66 crore in the first one hour


Daraz delivers record-breaking 11.11, serving 14 million e-commerce shoppers

Daraz, South Asia’s leading e-commerce marketplace, delivered a record-breaking 11.11, with over 14 million e-commerce shoppers visiting the platform across its five key markets – Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Myanmar – participating in the largest global shopping day.

Almost USD10 million worth of products were sold in the first hour, up more than 150 percent on last year’s sale.

Bjarke Mikkelsen, CEO and Founder of Daraz, said, “We are delighted with today’s results. It underlines the strength of our marketplace where customers trust the quality of products that they purchase on Daraz, and it illustrates how SMEs are able to unlock the online potential of their business.

“It has also been encouraging to continue seeing more users from both big and small cities across our five markets buying and selling a wide variety of products from our platform. This shows how e-commerce has become more accessible for everyone in the region.”

The first 11.11 order was delivered at 6.05am this morning and 250,000 items have already been shipped out to awaiting customers.

“For this year’s 11.11 Sale, we really focused on delivering a more innovative and more personalized customer experience. While the sales numbers are important, I’m most pleased with the overwhelmingly positive feedback that we’ve received about the user experience,” said Mr Mikkelsen.