Why Do You Need To Add Instagram Feed To Website?

When talking about popular social media platforms, Instagram is the first name that pops up in everyone’s mind. From just being a photo-sharing app to becoming a leading digital marketing platform, Instagram has evolved drastically from its beginning.

Instagram has millions of users. This huge number has attracted many marketers to market their brands here.

However, you can easily convert these Instagram users into your customers too! Seems impossible? But it isn’t.

You can do that hassle-free by embedding Instagram feeds on a website. Adding your Instagram feed to the website serves multiple purposes and helps in reaching your brand’s targets and end goals easily.

If you’re not aware of the benefits of adding Instagram feeds to your website yet, then don’t worry.

This blog will give you a tour of the multiple benefits of adding it to your website. To know more, keep reading.

Super 6 Reasons to Add Instagram Feed On Website


  • Enhances Vibrancy
    An Instagram feed is not restricted to images alone. It offers a variety of elements like videos, reels and so much more. Adding it to your website enhances the vibrancy and improves the overall look too.

Just a simple website won’t draw much attention as compared to the one which is filled with interactive elements. Instagram feeds help in doing that.

  • Builds Social Proof Using UGC
    Customers get more attracted to your products and services if they find them genuine, relatable, and trustworthy.

By adding Instagram feeds to your website, you can build social proof easily using UGC. It is the most authentic form of content. When customers visit your website and see an Instagram feed consisting of images, videos, and such visuals, they will be convinced to purchase from your website.

This would also help in word-of-mouth marketing as you would be able to attract your target customers who would in return, help in spreading the word.

  • Shoots Up Brand Awareness And Reach
    Instagram feed helps in expanding awareness about your brand and finally leads to an increase in reach.

The vibrancy offered by it would help in getting a lot of attention and attraction from the visitors. If you add an Instagram feed on your website, not only the Instagram users but also the non-users would come to your page too.

This will help your brand in many ways. If your visitors like your website’s content, they will follow you on your social media platforms too, especially on Instagram as you will be displaying its feed on your website.

This will increase brand awareness. The more people know about your brand, the more reach you will get.

  • Increases Dwell Time
    When it comes to websites, the major concern of all revolves around dwell time. Instagram feed works like a life savior here. Just by adding it to your website, you can easily increase the dwell time.

By providing attractive visuals and an engaging feed, Instagram acts like a magnet to the target customers. Since it makes your website attractive and engaging, visitors spend more time on your website as compared to others.

With the increase in dwell time, your website’s bounce rate reduces automatically.

  • Amplifies Sales And Conversions
    By adding an Instagram feed to your website, you are not only able to generate brand awareness and user attraction but also you can easily increase sales and conversions.

An attractive website compels many visitors to spend more time on your website. They will be interested in checking out your products and services. As briefed above, you can easily build social proof using UGC. This would help visitors in making purchases or at least giving a try to your brand.

This would facilitate in amplifying the sales because if customers like your products, they would recommend them to others as well. This chain will finally lead to an increase in sales and traffic on your website.

  • Connect Social To Commerce
    To make the roots of your brand strong, it is important to make a strong social presence. What can be more amazing than connecting it with your commerce presence?

Connecting your social presence with the commerce one helps in gaining the customer’s loyalty and increases your brand’s reach too. It helps in creating the chances of demand and boosts up the sales too.

Call For A Wrap Now!

When it comes to marketing and using social media platforms for the same, Instagram is a one-stop destination to cater to all needs.

Adding the same on your website helps your brand in a variety of ways. This blog gave you some of the best advantages of adding an Instagram feed to your website.

If you’re a brand owner and have not added your Instagram feed on the website yet, then you surely are missing out on a golden opportunity.

Since now you know the benefits of the same, what are you waiting for? Go quickly add it and see the magic!