Top 10 Cleaning Franchise Opportunities

Chem-Dry This is one of the most popular carpet cleaning franchise worldwide and offers low-cost franchising options. Apart from carpet cleaning, Chem-Dry franchisees offer residential and commercial flooring, upholstery as well as pet odour and urine removal services. The franchise fee for the initial year is $23,500.

College hunks hauling Junk: The company does not rank among the top junk hauling and moving services companies, but it is distinct because of its attractiveness of its movers and integrity. Veterans can enjoy discounts of $7,500 on their brand new HUNKS. Initial College Hunks Hauling Junk initial franchise fee varies between $40,000 to &50,000.

JanPro: The most renowned commercial janitorial cleaning service around the globe. Its cleaning solutions are exclusive to it. MedMetrix which is a medical facility-specific cleaning system, and EnviroShield, which is a non-toxic commercial disinfectant. The franchise models are home-based as well as executive business opportunities and master franchises with international reach. The company that provides cleaning services is not required to be eligible for a franchise because it doesn’t require prior experience with cleaning. It also requires minimal cost of investment, and franchisees can manage their business from anywhere, thereby getting a balance between work and life. The initial franchise cost is determined by the type of franchise, and is between $2,000 and $1,000.

Junkluggers: Unlike other junk removal service providers, Junkluggers offers environmental-conscious junk removal, special cleanout services, moving services, appliance and furniture removal, in addition to estate cleanouts and special services to hoarders. Furthermore Junkluggers is dedicated to preserving the environment therefore, franchisees which include young professional or recent graduates, as well as veteran entrepreneurs, experienced entrepreneurs and semi-retired people, need to demonstrate this commitment. Junkluggers Initial franchise fees is $50,000.

Merry Maids: It has provided comprehensive service for cleaning since. The brand offers lucrative franchise opportunities as well as discounts to women of minority veterans, cash buyers and minorities. Additionally, franchisees receive two weeks of instruction at the headquarters of the brand located in Memphis, Tennessee. The fee for the initial franchise is determined by the market’s size, so it can vary between $37,500 and $51,500.

PuroClean: It is a disaster service provider as well as a clean franchise. PuroClean offers services such as reconstruction cleanup, restoration, and repair after damage to property caused by water, fire and other natural catastrophes. The first franchise fee is $50,000.

Redbox+ It provides trash removal, as well as other services for construction projects. Redbox+ gives its franchise the complete system of its patent-pending system as well as complete sales, marketing as well as operational assistance. The support system assists franchisees get the licenses they require to use the patented product. The initial franchise fee of $49,500.

ServiceMaster Clean: The company is extremely reputable commercial cleaning service with more than the past 65 years in business. The company has over 800 franchises that span across 12 countries. ServiceMaster Clean provides financial incentives to assist prospective franchisees begin their journey. The first franchise fee is $25,200 if the financing, and $31,500 if you do not.

Vanguard Cleaning Systems: Some of the services Vanguard Cleaning Systems offers are commercial facilities, specialty and basic cleaners, papers, and cleaning supplies. The market it targets is religious facilities, medical places, gyms, schools and many more. Entrepreneurs may be able to take advantage of an opportunity to franchise janitorial services where the franchisees are the owners of their own cleaning business. Master franchises are regional companies which are owned by an independent company, and the franchisee must have managerial experience at the executive level in any area. The franchise fee for the first time will vary based on the location of operation as well as the type of franchise. The range is from between $100,000 and $350,000 for master or $5,000 in the business franchise that includes janitorial.
1-8000-GOT-Junk? The company provides junk removal services to companies and households, as well as recycling disposal, donation and recycling. It also offers remodeling and moving, as well as managing debris following a disaster, and storage. The franchise fee for the first time is $160,000.

How to Help Your Cleaning Business to be to be a Success


If you are planning to create your own cleaning business starting from scratch or join an existing franchise and generate a tidy profit. Here are the best practices to build a successful cleaning business.

Get a Niche

Select a market you’re able to excel in and concentrate on it rather than trying to cover all bases. For example, selecting smaller office buildings is preferable than bigger ones that require more equipment, resources and cleaning supplies.
Additionally, focusing on a specific segment allows you to provide high-quality services at a reasonable price. It also helps you to build an enduring service and which will allow you to excel in your field of work.

Continue Learning

Although the industry of cleaning isn’t particularly complex or attractive, there is always something to learn that will help you improve the quality of your services.
Consider the type of equipment you employ and the security of the chemicals that are in your cleaning products or your management and organizational abilities; these are all changing with the advancement of technology.
Participating in trade groups and conventions, and reading publications from the industry can keep you current. This can still assist in keeping your suppliers informed of latest technology and products.
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Develop Systems

Set out to build a business that can continue to operate even when you’re not in the office. It is possible to achieve this by creating systems for every job, such as customer service, accounting, reports, management cleaning, laundry, and oversight.

Avoid Underselling Yourself

As previously mentioned that the cleaning industry is a low barrier to entry which is why a thousand and more franchise agreements are signed every single day. Be sure to not undercut price to compete to gain customers. Overtaking them with the delivery of high-quality services is the best way to go.

Help Your Employees

The performance of your business is dependent on your staff. The satisfaction of your customers is contingent on the standard of the employees’ performance and attitude. By helping them, you can help to improve their performance This includes training them and not controlling them in a micro-manor, but being courteous towards them and providing them with rewards when they exceed the goals.

Follow Economic Developments

Cleaning will continue for as long as the environment gets dirty. But, certain economic shifts could affect the market, for example the economic downturn or health crises like the Covid-19 pandemic.
Residential cleaning services are viewed as luxury services during times of economic recession Your customers might not have the capacity and will to pay to keep their homes clean.
Tracking this information will assist you in cutting expenses and analyze your budgets to cut out or reduce the price of certain services as your business profits decrease.
Furthermore the expense of running your vehicle will rise when oil prices rise. Paper towels, bathroom tissues and other products made of paper will rise when the cost of lumber rises. Therefore, your customers will be required to pay more for these items when economic changes occur.

The Bottom Line

Franchise opportunities let you begin a business from a place instead of starting from beginning from scratch. They also provide assistance and training which helps you attract customers and earn profits.
Therefore, look for a desirable area of opportunity like residential, commercial or a specialty cleaning franchise opportunity and then study the franchisees that operate in that specific market.