Hipod Disrupts the Mobile App Industry

Technology can be difficult to keep up with, especially when it keeps changing so rapidly. But that won’t be an issue with Hipod, an app that disrupts the mobile industry by bringing together all of your devices seamlessly into one cohesive experience. You can make and receive calls through Hipod no matter what device you’re using, even if they aren’t running Hipod or on your same Wi-Fi network, meaning you won’t have to worry about missing important calls just because you’re not near your home phone.

What is hipod?
Hipod is a new mobile app that acts as a safe space for children who are facing difficult situations. The point of hipod is to not only provide a sense of community and social support, but also allow these users to utilize our services without their parents’ permission. With hipod, users are able to share their problems and get advice from other kids going through similar circumstances. The app is really geared towards adolescents in their formative years, but can be used by people of all ages. It’s just one way we aim to give teenagers more freedom and independence without being so disruptive that it becomes unsafe. That was one of our biggest design challenges—how do you combine safety with fun?

How Does it Work?
Hipod is a mobile app that allows users to create and share their own apps. Users begin by selecting from one of our templates (which range from social media tools to games). Once they have selected a template, they can make edits using Hipod’s image editor, text editor, music editing software, and more. After customizing their app with its desired look and feel, Hipod publishes it for them in its respective market.

What does this mean for mobile app development companies?


Hipod has created a platform that allows companies to create mobile apps without any mobile programming at all. Hipod relies on an easy, drag-and-drop interface, which makes building an app as simple as creating a PowerPoint presentation. For those businesses looking to enter into the world of mobile applications but not knowing where to start, Hipod is a great alternative to traditional development. Not only does it give non-technical people who have vision for an app or need extra help in brainstorming one complete control over their app’s design, but it also decreases app production time and cost.

The business model behind the company

A business model is a plan to make money. Hipod is an app that aims to make music fans happy. It allows them to see what their favorite music artist are doing and also send messages, video and audio recordings, ideas etc. At first, we were aiming at artists as our customers but now we decided to focus on fans because they are more numerous and easier to get. All they need is internet access or data plan on their phone. This makes it much cheaper for us because there’s no need for a lot of infrastructure like expensive servers where all of the information will be stored and processed . There won’t be any time limit for using Hipod either.