How To PlayStation Party Chat On PC (2022) Latest Method

How To PlayStation Party Chat On PC (2021) Methodhow to join a playstation party chat from your pc. So let’s go ahead and jump in the right now. Let’s say you get an invite to join a party chat. And you’re upstairs and your play station 4 is downstairs. How do you go ahead and join from your pc(Windows 10,8,7 & MAC) very quickly.

Well this is very easy to do i’m going to show you how to do that. So let’s switch over to my other screen. So i went ahead and just opened up google search and i’m going to type in playstation remote play.

It’s going to pop up right here press enter and we’re going to go ahead and download this application called a remote play. So let’s select this and it’s the first website remote play. Here is the url right here So let’s scroll down now on this screen until we get to this download section. Where we can download from google store apple store windows 10 or mac store.

PlayStation Party Chat On PC


Let’s go to windows 10 because that’s the platform i’m on. Let’s scroll down for the initial setup. we can go ahead and download it right here. So we have to hit this agreement then go to windows PC. It’s going to go ahead and download in the bottom left hand side of the screen now let’s go ahead and open up that application on my computer.

This is the remote play application it looks like this now you have the option to choose from the playstation 4 or the playstation 5. If you go over to the settings section you can go ahead and sign in with your playstation 4 account. You can change the video quality on the playstation 4 or playstation 5. I have mine set to 720p 1080p. If your internet connection is not very good go ahead and lower the resolution.

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The frame rate to something other than high or go to like standard. Now you will need to have your playstation 4 in rest mode in order to be connected to remote play. It has to be connected to your wifi or a different wi-fi other than yours. You will need to connect a playstation 4 controller to operate remote play to your PC. If we go to other connections you can see there is an option for playstation 4 or playstation 5.

How To PlayStation Party Chat On PC Latest Method

Now i went ahead and searched just on my connection and i found my playstation 4. It’s called ps destroyer i’m going to select this and it’s going to turn on my playstation automatically. It’s going to start searching for it over my wi-fi. Now like i said you can have your playstation 4 at a friend’s house connected to the wi-fi be at home. And connect to your playstation 4 even though. It’s in a different physical location i’m going to type in my code. It’s going to log me into my account.

Few Steps More To Get Start Party Chat On PC

So let’s go ahead and make this window full screen now in the bottom right hand side of the screen. You can see there is a microphone icon. I’m going to uncheck mark this and now when I speak i’ll be able to talk with my microphone on my computer. So let’s go ahead and join a party chat now. I’m going to hold down the playstation button. And then go to party and then go to start party select a group.

How To PlayStation Party Chat On PC latest (2021) Method

I’m going to go ahead and just choose my first option right here action six and i’m going to start a party. Okay so I now create a party on my playstation 4. I am on my pc i can go ahead and move this window around or i can literally just minimize it. Get it out of the way but i’ll be able to talk to my friends on my PC by having this window up. And having this button on checkmark down here. This is very easy to do guys if this video did indeed help you out. Talk your friends from the pc on your playstation 4 go ahead.