Why Can’t Install or Download Apps on Android Phone

why cant Install or download apps on android phone logo This problem we have face many time but we don’t understand what is actual issue. Because we think at that time its from website or store issue. But Today I gonna explain about it and how you can fix this issue in your mobile or play store.


How to find out why Apps Can’t Install, Run or Download in Your Mobile Phone.

  1. First of all we need to know about our mobile store login are we logged ? Because many time we are not logged in and try to download application from application store which is not allowing you to start download and ask you first to login.
  2. As you have noticed that we are installing application but during installation its showing that your application can’t installing in your mobile phone with some errors. It happen because of your mobile storage does not have enough space for download.
  3. Another issue is when we start downloading any application its showing downloading and installing application. But its taking too much time during process its just because of your internet speed. You must check your internet speed with any kind of internet speed checker.
  4. Another problem with android users can face that application is not getting start downloading any application. It can be reason that which application you are going to download its not support your mobile device model or its android version.
  5. You should understand another big issue that your mobile can also have virus like if you have downloaded any apk file from any website which will not be application. But must be a virus which have created problem with you mobile function and mobile storage.
  6. If you have downloaded any application which wasn’t available on your android google play store. It is possible that that application must not be the same application which you wanna download. Another words its gonna be just apk file with the name of your desired application.
  7. Do you have downloaded any apk or android file from any website. When you have click for installing in your mobile and its ask you don’t have permission to install this application in your mobile phone you need to enable unknown surce.

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Get solution of all Your above problem step by step.

  1. Make sure you have logged in your mobile play store. Because its possible its will be the reason.
  2. If your application can’t install in your mobile and your storage space is not enough. Then transfer your file in any card or drive and install if you don’t have these two things then delete some useless photos and files.
  3. Internet speed is really matter when you have slow connection installed on your moobile phone. You need to use always fast wi-fi or 4G connection before installing application in your mobile phone.
  4. Make sure before installing application in your mobile that which application you are going to install in your computer does it support your mobile? If not then its can’t be install in your mobile phone. Always up to date your mobile os and latest phone for much applications.
  5. There are lot of apps website which provide you application even many of application are even not available on play store. So some people use to download these all applications from website which may be fake or hacking related. So if you are expert or understanding the standard application its ok you can download and install. But if you don’t have much knowledge about mobile then don’t try it.
  6. There are many fake apk files available on world wide web so don’t try to download any file which just only have the name and pic. If you want to know how you can understand that this application can be fake the simple thing is this that application don’t have much big size. And these type of apps can be made for hacking or for stealing your private data.
  7. If you have downloaded file from any website and you are trying to install in your android mobile. But its showing that you must have unknown source permission. You need to go in your mobile settings under mobile settings you need to enter in security check option unknown source just tab and enable it.

Folks this was the information with best of my knowledge which i have shared with you. I believe after this information you must have one of problem which you are facing. If you still have problem then please write down in comment. I would reply you about your problem.