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ThunderTv IPTV we’re gonna be taking a look at one of my favorite IPTV applications for Android iOS. This also works for any Android device like the fire stick Nvidia shield. This will also work for Smart TVs Kodi. And it works for Windows PCs and they even have a browser version. Now I’ve covered a lot of these in the past but the one thing that really sticks out about.

Thunder TV is just how fast it is; there is virtually no lag going from channel to channel. Even some of the most popular IPTV services have tons of lag. So give you a really quick example of a very popular competitor. And you just see how slow it is when switching between channels. I mean it’s incredibly laggy and just about every IPTV service. I’ve tried in the past to have this little bit of lag when switching between channels.


ThunderTV The Fastest IPTV Service

It’s less than a seamless experience that’s just not the case with thunder TV this has to be the fastest IPTV service. That has ever used I’ll go ahead and launch it here I’m gonna go into my us entertainment. We can just go from channel to channel and it is incredibly fast. No lag when switching between channels. It is nearly instant; it is faster than my actual cable subscription.


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That I have in my house which is saying a lot to me the speed and performance of this service. That it never buffers

the fact that you’re getting high-definition feeds on every channel. Those are the standout features of thunder TV the fact that it has compatibility on just about. Every platform out there makes it one of the best available. So real quickly we’ll look at some of the included content.

You’ve got the USA Entertainment this is going to be every cable channel. That’s available in the United States you’ve got local channels. So you’re gonna be able to find ABC in your local network. You may be able to find CBS this is another point of contention. With a lot of people with our cable companies right now the fact they’re losing local channels like CBS. I know here locally we are currently without NBC and CBS. Because of negotiations that the cable companies are making in my particular region. But you’re going to be able to find those local channels from many regions.

So you’ll never be without your local channels they’ve got Fox NBC there’s a subsection here for USA news. They have all the

movie channels your HBO your Starz Cinemax encore epics. That is all included with your subscription to Thunder TV. So another big thing here anybody that is a sports fan you’re gonna have all the sports. That you can watch any basketball game baseball games soccer game football game. That is on TV you’re gonna find it in this app if you’re into boxing or MMA. All the pay-per-view events are included with this IPTV provider.


More About ThunderTV IPTV Application For PC Windows MAC

We’ve got a really big fight coming up. The John Jones fight that’s coming up tomorrow night. It’s going to be included in this application. You’re gonna have to pay any extra for that if it’s included with this IPTV provider. They’ve also got all the latest movies that would normally be on pay-per-view here. We’ve got Captain America’s one of them, the upside was another one here.

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All the movies are included UFC fight passes here another huge draw for this particular IPTV provider is the fact. That they have all kinds of international channels. You’ve got Canadian channels here UK channels Argentina Bolivia Chile Colombia Dominican Republic Honduras Mexico Peru Spanish Albania and the list. Just goes on and on aside from these 7000 plus live channels that are included there’s also on-demand that’s included here.

So you have movies on demand all kinds of brand-new movies here like the Pokemon detective Pikachu Shazam is included. All kinds of brand-new movies and then there’s also TV series that are included on demand. Here they’ve got Game of Thrones into the badlands Marvel’s agents of shield pretty much any popular TV channel. That you can think of is included on demand with this IPTV provider. As you can see there’s no shortage of content and they’ve even got everything here labels. So if you go into the movies on demand.

They’ve got 80s Essentials action adventure drama comedy Disney movies. I’ve got a whole Disney movie section there’s just hundreds and hundreds of on-demand movies. And TV shows probably have thousands of TV shows and movies that are included with thunder TV. So I’ve also got this running on my Nvidia shield TV and I wanted to just quickly show you guys the experience. That you get with the mate version of the application on your TV. This is probably one of the best TV experiences that I’ve gotten out of an IPTV provider.

ThunderTV IPTV Is Your Pocket TV

So go ahead and launch it real quick alright and so to the left you’ve got an entire list of what’s available here we’ll just go down to the USA entertainment. Then you get a list of all of the channels so one thing I like here is that it does have favorites or recent channels. Here at the bottom so you can quickly and easily get to your favorite channels. Alright and then just a simple press up or down get you through the live channels. There again it’s almost instant with almost no buffering when going from channel to channel. This is just as fast if not faster than my cable provider which is pretty outstanding.

This is the fastest IPTV that I have personally experienced. clicking the ok button brings back up our menu. So that we can get to our guide and then you’re also able to access the on-demand content. So we’re going to new releases here’s all of our new release movies. That are included you’re able to watch a film like solo a Star Wars story and full high-definition so not only is this. The fastest the best performing IPTV service that I’ve ever used. But it’s also incredibly affordable so for just seven dollars a month you’re gonna get two connections. Seven dollars a month you can have the application on as many devices as possible.

You’ll be able to have two live streams concurrent at the same time for just seven dollars a month. That’s pretty insane for connections; it’s only $12 a month.  They have various packages here as well you can special-order up to 10 connections. So this is an incredible value. Download the Thunder TV app for yourself also be sure to check out this free three hour trial that way. You can be sure that it works for your particular device in your particular setup then about wraps.


How To Download And Install ThunderTV IPTV In PC Windows And MAC

Friends first of all We have to download Android Emulator for our PC Windows and MAC. Then we also need to download application ThunderTV IPTV. Its very simple way you can use this application in your compute Windows and MAC.

  1. The first step is to Download BlueStacks or Nox Player for you PC and MAC
  2.  Install it in your computer following the instructions on the screen.
  3. Double click the downloaded file to run BlueStacks or Nox Player on Windows and then enter the required details.
  4. Click on my Apps tab followed by Open System and Select Google Store
  5. You can also download APP from Website and drag and drop it on Nox Player or BlueStacks
  6. On the Google Play Store search, type ThunderTV IPTV
  7. You will notice different apps from the search results. You can click on the install button and accept the beginning of the installation process.

if you want to learn more about Android Emulators for PC and MAC you should visit and get more information by clicking here.

Last Words.

The advantages and drawbacks might be neck to neck when you attempt ThunderTV IPTV In any case, you are still at freedom to check out the exceptional bundle on the off chance that you figure it will serve you better. Much obliged for perusing, we trust this article helped you better comprehend ThunderTV IPTV. If you have any problem or question you can right down in comments.


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